Tell us what you’re doing 2013

All staff will be encouraged to participate and get involved in Create / Innovate Month in a variety of ways including being inspired through videos of international speakers and practitioners and simply being given the space to think differently, attending events or training.

However we appreciate that you may want to try something different and share that with us to help us. So why not tell us what your Create / Innovate Pledge is for the month of June in the comments box below or you can tweet it using the hashtag #CreateInnovateDCC

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  1. stephen Hornby on said:

    Its not quite in June but we have recently ran a soup and cake stall in Newton Abbot market. So what I hear you say. We had the help of several of the children we work with.Doing this event with the children helped there confidence and self esteem ,some that helped out started off being very quiet,and after a while they were in full voice promoting the stall. Helping take the money ,giving change. As well as talking to members of the public who came over to see us.We are going to do one market as well as a sponsored walk and camp out ,so we can raise some money ,for a enrichment day for some of the children we work with.We are also working on projects related to the outdoors with the children,I think we should involve the family ,and do group activities.

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