What is a Hack?

Hack days are collaborative/competitive problem solving events. Increasingly they’re held to find novel solutions to tricky social and environmental issues but can be used in various ways including writing policy or even creating elearning modules.

Carl Haggerty explains: More and more companies are using hack days or variations of them internally as a means of encouraging creativity and innovation, but they aren’t just for technical people, they require a lot of thinking, debate, imagination, drawing and writing which calls for lots of different skills and really requires a wide range of people to come together to collaborate and co-design solutions.

How do they work? Before the hack, organisers identify a theme, some experts and challenges. In some cases it might be an open call for ideas.

There’s rarely any formal structure, everyone can make themselves useful as there’s so much to do in a short time: researching, designing, preparing a presentation and experimenting.

What is produced?  Typically each team will demonstrate the prototype to the other teams and where possible some judges.

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