Calculating the cost of meetings

Meeting Ticker

An open source software application which has been developed and is very straightforward to use; you add in the number attending, make an estimate of the hourly salaries and press start.

Using the Meeting-Ticker

Hopefully, is pretty easy to figure out:

  • Count the number of people in the room
  • Take a wild guess at how much they cost an hour
  • Click Start
  • Have a meaningful discussion about whether the value of your meeting exceeds its cost


  • The author has stated that it is unlikely to work in Internet explorer and that if it does it is by accident.

Clockwork Meetings

A free app on iTunes. It is just as easy to uses as Meeting Ticker, you add the number of attendees, hourly salary cost and press start. The big difference is the ability to set an audible ‘click’ to make a noise at set intervals.


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