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Its been over a week now since we had XJam Gov So I wanted to share some one week on reflections – I emailed a selection of the participants to ask for their reflections and I have included them below:


I’ve been energised into using the tools and techniques I learnt last week into daily practice which I have successfully done in 5 meetings this week alone.

I feel that the XJam has created a real buzz and the Jam Room is already being used by a variety of people and some interesting conversations have emerged.

I’m now reflecting further on how to engage more and more people in similar experiences and opportunities and focusing them on the challenges they have in their work.


I am a Police Superintendent with 29 year service which means 29 years of exposure to very traditional business processes and limited opportunity for innovation and creativity. The Police service is trying to change and open up to new ways of working.

As a first time jammer I found the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people with new approaches invigorating. Together we pushed the boundaries of our usual ways of working and came up with innovation that had a practical application in the public sector, transcending boundaries and challenging our existing service delivery assumptions.  None of us would have created this on our own. The experience of jamming is truly liberating and I would recommend it to anyone considering taking part in the future.


I was sufficiently intrigued to attend. If you get the opportunity – go for it! – Excellent facilitation provided by Simon and Phillippa. I met some super people. Created something new and probably worth developing. Learnt lots about doing collaborative stuff quickly that could actually make a positive difference to people’s lives. Fantastic team building/networking opportunity.


Being a jammer for the second time reminded me of how many ideas you can come up with in such a short space of time and how valuable and refreshing  it is to have people from outside the organisation. The Jam space worked really well and highlighted how much we had learned from last year.


How far we have come in a year! This year

  1. We have a dedicated space: our Jam Room. Who knew what an impact a space where we can be loud, decorate the walls with our ideas, express ourselves, and collaborate freely could have?
  2. We developed 2 workable prototypes (last year they were little more than ideas) that are already garnering interest from those who took part in, or heard about, our Jam
  3. The DCC Chief Executive popped in to see what we were up to and left with 2 commissions for us to impart our learning into different parts of our organisation
  4. We learnt EVEN MORE tools and techniques to help us design services around people’s needs
  5. We collaborated live with Barcelona and Poland via our new interactive smart board
  6. We truly moved from thinking different to doing different.

I can’t wait to see what happens next year


The Jam approach brings a blast of fresh air into problem-solving by putting collaboration and creativity at the heart of problem-solving.

I’d say that it’s particularly well suited to tackling the scale of the challenges we face in transforming the Council’s role. It’s a very different way of working and it benefits from using a different space – both mentally and physically.

The Jam room is a great environment because you can adapt it to meet the particular needs of your activity.


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