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Between the 3rd-5th June at County Hall in what used to be called the Goodrich Room in the Coaver Club a group of people gathered to participate in the second Global Gov Jam. I have put together a photo gallery on flickr which gives a flavour of what we were doing and how the new Jam Room can be used.

A reminder about “what is a Global Gov Jam?”

The Global GovJam is an event which will apply the concept and energy of the Global Service Jam and Global Sustainability Jam into the world of government and the public sector. Working around a common Theme, small Teams meet at multiple locations, working for 48 hours on building innovative approaches and solutions towards challenges faced by the public sector. At the end of the two days, they upload their results and publish them for the world.

The whole thing kicked off with some basic introductions as to how the service jam would work, what we would expect and how we would need to work – the most notable of these was Doing NOT Talking.

Doing NOT Talking

As this is a Global Event we were then informed of the Global Theme which was to be kept secret until everyone across the world had seen it.

This years theme was:


There are no rules on how you interpret, use of get inspired by the theme. It is simply there to trigger and spark ideas.

We quickly got into groups and then using a world cafe method – small groups capturing discussion on paper to a table – after a while people would move leaving one person to share the conversation with the next group of people and this was repeated once more.Global cafe discussions (Photo by Simon Gough)

We then created a range of 1 side of A4 posters using the themes and ideas on the paper and then voted on which ones we thought were the best.

XJam 2014

We then got into two groups and started developing the ideas further and using a variety of tools and techniques to develop prototypes.

We used a combination of

  • Personas
  • Service Blueprinting
  • Data Canvas
  • Storyboarding
  • Lego Models

Here are a selection of photos showing some of these methods:

Personas (Photo by Simon Gough)

Service Blueprinting (Photo by Simon Gough)

Visual Mock-ups (Photo by Simon Gough)

Personas and Lego (Photo by Simon Gough)

Prototyping with Lego (Photo by Simon Gough)

Data Canvas (Photo by Phillippa Rose)

paper Prototype (Photo by Simon Gough)

We also had on tap the expertise of Simon Gough and Phillippa Rose who have a toolbox of models, frameworks etc which we could pull on should we need to

The outputs of the two groups can be seen on the Global Service Jam website as we had to upload all and any resources to that through the two days

One of the differences for this years event was that we were twinning with Barcelona, Spain and  Szczcin, Poland. This basically introduced a new opportunity to gain feedback about our prototypes and ideas as well as hear about their ideas.

We were lucky to have an interactive smartboard in the new Jam Room and we used google hangouts over wifi to video chat with colleagues in Szczcin and Barcelona.

Sharing our prototypes and ideas via Google hangout with Szczecin Jam, Poland @xjamgov #ggovjam

A few personal reflections on the new Jam Room

The room previously was an awkward space and somewhere you wanted to get out of quickly – however my experience over through XJam was that i didn’t want to leave. It now has a different feel to it, that was partly down to the event, partly down to the people and partly down to the space itself.

I can only compare it to last years event where we used a couple of other rooms which were more formal and we found ourselves looking for alternative spaces to work, talk and build prototypes, but this year – everyone stayed in the room, used the space well and were very creative.

It is hard to pin down the exact benefits the room provided however all I can say is it would not have been the same without the Jam Room.

When you get a chance to use it, let us know how your conversation or prototyping went. Did you feel the space made a difference?

Here are a couple of panoramic pictures of the Jam Room, these were taken at the end of the day when nearly everyone had gone. I regret not taking one when it was in full flow…but i guess we were simply too busy doing 🙂

Jam Room

Jam Room

The results at the end of the two intense days were two prototypes and here are the videos we created which we hope explain what they do.


IMBY Movie from Redfront on Vimeo.

Whatever App

Whatever from Redfront on Vimeo.

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