Systems Thinking in Highways

Between the 16th and 27th June we will be creating a dedicated open work space in Lucombe House (AB1) where a core group of people from highways, system users and some corporate colleagues will be rethinking and redesigning processes for the new highways information system, I-Ways System. We will capture the work as it progresses and circulate it for you to take a look. However, this is an invitation to you to come in and get involved.

The challenge that the Highway Service Deep Dive introduced, by using the Systems Thinking approach has been really useful in encouraging us to change the way we develop systems and processes. This should enable us to consider processes from end to end and make sure that any steps in our new processes add value and avoid waste.

As part of the two weeks workspace initiative the core group will be going out to visit and speak to staff and users to capture input to process re-design in order to ensure that we get the right systems and processes to improve the way we work.

We recognise that previous systems and process reviews have often felt closed, remote from those doing the work and disconnected from users. This is why we are creating an “Open Space” where conversations and discussions will happen. If you hear something that interests you, join in the conversation. The more people who are able to give a bit of their time the better.

Please invest a little bit of your time to get involved or to challenge what the core group are proposing.

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