Create / Innovate is back for 2014

This years theme for Create / Innovate is┬áThink Different –┬áDoing Different. We are also encouraging the use of the hashtag #ThinkDoDevon.

We want to encourage and support people to think differently about what they do and how they do it. As part of this we are working on revisiting and refocusing some of our meeting spaces to better support creative thinking whilst recognising we must also ensure we support the other types of meetings people have.

We want to encourage people to do something different (even if just for the month of June- although we would ideally want this to be a lasting change) That might include managing or holding a meeting in a different way, learning a new skills, trying new methods to review your working practices.

To help you we have listed a range of resources which might help you make those first steps.

We are starting to pull together a basic programme of activities which could support you but we would rather encourage you to do things yourselves, but you are welcome to share what you are doing so we can let others know and maybe inspire them also


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