That was week one of Create / Innovate

Week 1 of Create/Innovate month saw our Corporate Leadership Team (CLT) hold their weekly meeting at the Met Office’s Think-up room. The room aims to create an innovative space where conversations can flow more freely away for the sometimes confining spaces of normal meeting rooms.

CLT wanted to see how using the room would affect their thinking, discussions and decisions and experiment with a new way of conducting meetings, which included the use of mobile devices instead of paper. Staff followed CLT discussions on the Council Yammer network and overall CLT found that using the room and working in a very different environment provided a positive experience.

Between Tuesday and Thursday the council hosted XJamGov – a global service design event.  We were joined by over 30 other cities from around the world to prototype services in 48 hours – As it turned out we were the only UK event and the only event which was actively supported by a local authority across the world.

XJam Gov #ggovjam

Story Wheels and Make a wish box -from flickr by Carl Haggerty

I was lucky enough to be a participant and across the three days three groups created three services – all of which prototyped real viable services, mapped out and created business models and revenue structures, mapped customer personas, tested them and were challenged by pirates (Thank you to Mary Davis, Sam Hill and Mike Bomford who challenged the teams on Wednesday – Ann Holman and Mark Cotton for their challenges on Thursday – your input was critical to the process)

The results of the 48 hours are now all posted online for anyone to see and each contain a very short introductory video explaining the services which I would highly recommend as we all spent a good deal of effort creating the videos.

If you are interested in seeing a selection of photos from the event you can view some here on flickr


XJamGov – from flickr by Phillippa Rose

All in all I personally found this to be a very valuable learning experience and the process whilst challenging at times delivered results and it was refreshing to be able to create something real and tangible in such a short amount of time.

Thanks obviously go to the organisers Redfront Service Design (Phillippa Rose and Simon Gough), whose facilitation and organisation were critical to the success of the event.


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  1. Anne Howard and Simon Belshaw on said:

    Exeter Temporary Library has now hosted two Raspberry Jam sessions. Both were well attended with a good mix of families, individuals, experts and beginners. We are keen to continue and are currently working out the best way forward to link in using Raspberry Pi’s in the libraries. Watch this space!

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