A Message from the Chief Executive…

“Create and Innovate Month gives us all an opportunity to try new things and to challenge how we think. Throughout June, Corporate Leadership Team (CLT) will be experimenting with innovative approaches including the use of mobile devices in meetings, and considering how meeting space can affect creativity. Colleagues engaging with CLT are also being challenged to think differently about how they get their messages across.

“Everyone has the potential to be creative and this month is an ideal time to get involved, find out more, and above all to think about how you could do what you do differently.”

Phil Norrey, Chief Executive

A bit more about Week 1 of Create / Innovate

Corporate Leadership Team (CLT) hold their weekly meeting at the Met Office’s Think-up room. CLT will be trialling a paperless meeting using Council devices or their own personal devices – the meeting will also be live yammered on the Council yammer network – if you are not registered, simply sign up for free using your DCC email address.

During week 1 we will also be hosting XJamGov, a Global Service Jam event where you get 48 hours to build innovative approaches to public sector challenges. The event will be mirrored across the world in 35 other locations including Barcelona, Los Angeles, New Delhi, Chile, and Berlin.

Get your tickets early

Inspired by Video
An opportunity to watch some inspirational talks from internationally renowned thoughts leaders and thinkers.

We’ll provide a small amount of popcorn (donated by staff) for you to enjoy with colleagues and for at least 20 minutes hopefully be inspired to think differently. There is limited space so register for a ticket to one or more of the videos showing now

Social Media Surgeries 
As part of Create / Innovate we are offering some short surgery style sessions to help people understand social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. We will also provide an introduction to blogging and, where possible, we can help you explore your personal mobile device as well. Spaces are limited so please register for a session here


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