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This week has been a pretty manic in terms of making sure things are in place for Create / Innovate. I’ve spoken to Internal communication colleagues about communicating to staff over the next 4 weeks or so which I hope will help raise awareness and encourage people to get involved.

I’ve also met with our colleagues in libraries who are full of amazing ideas in relation to how they use the physical space of libraries more creatively as well as offering different types of activities and events.

I want to share some of the ideas as they are really good, this isn’t the full list nor does it include some of the best ideas as we’d like to keep some things a surprise…BUT nothing is confirmed just yet as they need to ensure that these things are manageable and achievable in the time and within existing resources:

  • Run a competition to design a something useful
  • Gadget days – where the library acts as a space to bring together the experts from the community and those who need expertise
  • Raspberry Pi jam – Exeter Central recently ran an event and it was extremely popular
  • Silent Disco – or something a little more unexpected for libraries, a roller disco or karaoke!
  • Rapid engagement activity to find out what a particular group would like or what they think of something
  • A table in the adult area of the library offering drop-in craft or play activities, e.g. knitting with unusual fibres, paper craft ‘challenges’, playdough, lego bricks (rediscover the joy of play!)

I also met with our Strategy, Policy and Organisational Change team and they are going to change the format of their next team meeting towards the end of June and have a mini-jam to deliver on some specific outputs they had programmed in…So this will give them an opportunity to try something different and experiment.

Lots of other conversations as well and I also need to have so many more, but it is worth mentioning that it is a month long event and we have time to engage others in the programme and share what services are doing.

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