Corporate Leadership Support is Critical

Yesterday I went along to CLT to provide a broader overview of what we hope to achieve during June and that the whole month is really a giant proto-type in that we don’t really know if we will radically change the way we work, but unless we try different things we won’t know.

I used a set of 6 slides on my personal iPad and I simply ended with a photo of my son playing with Lego and said “Really Create/ Innovate is about rediscovering the inner child, where we play and discover new things all the time”

The great news was that CLT were very supportive of it and they are even going to disrupt themselves for each of there meetings in June starting with a trip to the Met Office on Monday 3rd June. They are also going to explore whether the meeting can actually go paperless, we know there might be some challenges with this but they are prepared to give it a go and we need to learn from the experience if we are to change the way we work – but the importance of leading from the top is critical.

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