Guide: An Introduction to Prescribing Community Equipment

How to Order SADL Equipment

Through DILIS Devon Independent Living Integrated Services - Information

SADL Equipment Prescription

Following assessment; a Devon Equipment Prescriber will establish if the person is eligible for equipment from DILIS. If SADLs are identified to meet an un-met need the prescriber will:

Deliver and Fit SADL Equipment

The person or their family/carer should collect the equipment themselves or may choose to arrange and pay for delivery and/or fitting themselves with the local accredited retailer.

In exceptional circumstances delivery may be included on prescription: 

  • bulky/heavy difficult to fit equipment and no carer or family member able to do this.
  • urgent same day issue for hospital discharge IF no satellite stores equipment available.

Follow up

Having assessed and issued a prescription the person owns and is responsible for their equipment. See ‘Quick guide Repair and Replace Policy’. Follow up from prescriber may be required if:

  • person has on-going and more complex needs that need further assessment and input
  • person/representative or accredited retailer makes contact to raise a query relating to the equipment prescription.