Guide: An Introduction to Prescribing Community Equipment

How to order CADL Equipment

Through DILIS Devon Independent Living Integrated Services - Information

CADL Equipment order

Following assessment; a Devon Equipment Prescriber will establish if the person is eligible for equipment from DILIS. If CADLs are identified to meet an un-met need the prescriber will:

  • identify  CADL equipment  or minor adaptation  in DILIS CES catalogue
  • refer to the prescriber guidelines for each item
  • complete appropriate order form including correct codes and information on measurements and fitting: Health staff – Order using a CEMAP Order form, ACS Staff – Use CEMAP Equipment and Minor Adaptations Order Form on Carefirst system.

Deliver and Fit:

Delivery will be within 7 working days unless otherwise specified. Please note delivery charges. Same day or 3 day delivery requests will be scrutinised by contract managers so must be cost effective.

When completing CEMAP form note that:
‘Deliver’ = deliver only
‘Deliver and Fit’ = deliver and fit to manufacturer’s instructions or as indicated by prescriber on order form.’Deliver fit and demonstrate’ = The delivery driver can fit equipment and can demonstrate safe working of the item But will not assess safe use. Safe use of equipment must be assessed by prescriber.

Prescriber must always inform DILIS equipment service about any issues with:

  • access to the property
  • special instructions for positioning or fitting of equipment

Follow up:

  • community Equipment Store staff are responsible for yearly or 2 yearly checking of all powered and some load bearing DILIS equipment. Contact store for more information.
  • service user is responsible for reporting any breakage or damage direct to DILIS provider
  • service user should refer themselves for re assessment through care Direct if their needs have changed and equipment no longer suitable.
  • repair and replace policy