Guide: An Introduction to Prescribing Community Equipment

Equipment and Minor Adaptation Provision

Through DILIS Devon Independent Living Integrated Services

SADL equipment (Simple Aids to Daily Living)

Are simple items of equipment: such as walking aids, raised toilet seats and grab rails, with a value of up to £100 per item. If there is an eligible un-met need for SADL equipment/minor adaptations people will be issued with a prescription to exchange at an accredited retailer of their choice for a basic item or ‘top up’ to select an alternative item to meet the same need. Following collection from a retailer the equipment will be the property of that service user. The list of SADL items available in Devon is agreed at the Catalogue Review Group .

CADL Equipment (Complex Aids to Daily Living)

Are more complex and higher cost items; beds, bath lifts, hoists etc which may require maintenance and servicing. CADLs are loaned to people in Devon from the DILIS. Community equipment Store. The range of CADL equipment available in Devon is agreed at the Catalogue Review Group. View the range of CADL equipment available.

Satellite Store Equipment: An agreed range of SADL and CADL

Emergency issue equipment is stored on sites around the county, for use by staff working out of hours and weekends; to facilitate discharge from hospital and prevent admissions, at times when no other equipment provision is available. The range of Satellite Store equipment CADL equipment in Devon is agreed at the Catalogue Review Group. View the equipment available in satellite stores and find a satellite store near. Equipment held in satellite stores should be recycled stock from DILIS store.

Minor adaptations

Banister rails, outside rails and ramps which will be supplied or made and installed by the DILIS. community equipment service. Further information can be found here.

Non-Stock ‘special’ equipment

This may be available if standard equipment cannot meet an eligible and un-met need. Assessment must be by band 5 staff or above and authorisation for the provision of these items is by the Occupational Therapists at the Independent Living Centre (I.L.C.) or the Expert Moving and Handling Advisor. Recycled stock will be used whenever possible. View the pre authorisation questions.

Direct Payment for equipment

Any person who is living in their own home and has an assessed eligible for community equipment,can request to have this need met by a Direct Payment route. The Direct payment will be equal to the price paid for the equipment purchased by DILIS which will be less than the retail value. Devon prescribers can complete the paperwork to arrange this funding and the person will be responsible for purchasing appropriate equipment to meet the assessed need and topping up the funding to match retail price.