Guide: An Introduction to Prescribing Community Equipment

Eligibility for Equipment and Minor Adaptation – Case Summary


For considering eligibility for equipment

Mrs Johnson has widespread arthritis and was recently admitted to hospital after a fall getting out of her chair.

Mrs Johnson lives in her own 2 storey terraced home with her husband. Bedroom and bathroom are upstairs with no toilet facilities downstairs.

There is one bannister rail and Mrs J. goes up and down stairs with difficulty and feels at risk of falling. Mrs J. walks unaided in the house but tires easily and has pain in knees and hips when walking.  She sits in a low armchair and has difficulty getting up and down from the chair.

She can get in and out of bed independently at bed-time and in the morning and also gets up once during the night to use the toilet.  She has difficulty walking to the bathroom during the night and difficulty getting off the toilet.

They have a bath with a shower over the tap end. Mrs J cannot get in and out of the bath safely, has a strip wash standing by the basin but feels that strip washing is not adequate. Her husband sometimes helps her in and out of the bath but she is afraid of slipping and of her husband injuring himself.

They have family locally who visit once a week and get all shopping but Mr and Mrs J. currently manage all household cleaning themselves although this is becoming difficult.

Mr and Mrs J share the cooking but Mrs J now finds it difficult to stand at the worktop, sink and cooker and cannot chop or open tins.

Consider eligibility for equipment and or minor adaptations.
Refer to Care Act Guidance:

  1. Describe the physical or mental health condition/ illness that is creating the need?
  2. List the outcomes arising from un-met needs.
  3. Describe how these un-met needs have a significant impact on wellbeing
  4. List the ways that teh Care Act advises these needs could be met, including ‘Asset Based’ approach or ‘Strength Based’ approach
  5. If useing Asset based approach or ‘strength based approach’: which Devon service can give impartial advise on equipment purchase?