Slings and Scales

  • Slings For Hoists

    Slings are items of moving and handling equipment that are used with hoists in order to transfer a service user. The sling is applied under and around the service user before being attached to the spreader bar of thehoist. The service user can then be safely raised, transferred and lowered with minimal risk to service user or the manual handler

    A full risk assessment must be carried out before any sling is selected to ensure compatibility with the hoist and safety for the service user and the carer.

    This must be documented on a Handling Plan. Moving and Handling assessors should ensure they have attended a Hoist training course and are responsible for keeping their training updated.

    The core item slings are available in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

    warning exclamation mark
    Please read measuring instructions carefully. Each style of sling has a different measuring requirement.

    Approx Price £200

  • Basic Quickfit Sling

    guldmann slingGuldman Basic High Back Sling

    Designed to lift people with little control over their head and body

    Safe working load 22gkg (35st)

    Measurements of Person

    Small: 80 – 87cm – top of head to sacrum
    36 – 40cm – width

    Medium: 85 – 92cm top of head to sacrum
    39 43cm – width

    Large: 90 – 97cm – top of head to sacrum
    42 – 45cm – width

    info symbolPlease note, it is acceptable to remove the plastic supports if not required, as the sling is still supportive. If head support is not required the head section can be folded backwards out of the way once the plastic supports have been removed.

    Guldman Sling

    Please see the “You Tube” links below for guidance on fitting the sling

    Ordering Codes:

    Small – MOV 1081
    Medium – MOV 1082
    Large – MOV 1083
    Extra Large available  – MOV 1084

  • All pupose comfort sling

    glove tux plus slingSouthern Care Glove Tux Plus Deluxe Legs

    Ideal for people with low tone, no sitting balance, high tone, extensor spasms. Suitable for above knee amputees, single or bilateral. Minimise tissue viability shearing and pressure due to fabric and shape for easier fit.

    Can be used for bathing and showering.

    If using 3 hook spreader bar place the shoulder straps on the outside hook to allow it to run free. If using single hook spreader bar make sure the shoulder straps are put on last over the leg straps

    Safe Working Load – 200kg

    Measurements of person

    Size 6: Height 145 – 170cm
    Girth – 75 – 90cm

    Size 7: Height 155 – 180cm
    Girth – 85 – 100cm

    Size 8: Height 160 – 190cm
    Girth – 95 – 115 cm

    Size 9: Height 160 – 190cm
    Girth 105 – 130cm

    info symbol



    Girth Measurements:

    For Women – measure around hips
    For Men – measure around chest, under arms
    For Children, measure around chest, under arms.

    Ordering Codes:

    Size 6: – MOV1097
    Size 7: – MOV1076
    Size 8: – MOV1092
    Size 9: – MOV0986
    Size 10 available – MOV1096

  • Toileting Sling

    low convenience slingSilverlea Continental Low Convenience Sling

    Allows good support for service user, with easy access for toileting.
    This sling must be positioned with the users’s arms on the outside of the sling

    Safe Working Load – 220kg

    Measurements of person:

    Small: Height 133 – 146cm
    Chest – 76 – 87cm

    Medium: Height 146 – 160cm
    Chest – 87 – 97cm

    Large: Height 160 – 170cm
    Chest – 97 – 112cm

    Ordering Codes:

    Small – MOV1085
    Medium – MOV1055
    Large – MOV1086
    Extra Large available – MOV1087

  • In Situ Slings

    comfort sling

    Prism Comfort Recline Sling

    Designed from spacer material. Suitable for most pathologies, for clients where removal of the sling during transfers presents difficulties.

    Has no aperature so not suitable for toileting. Sling with aperature can be ordered as a special

    Safe Working Load – 200kg

    Sling Sizing:

    Small: 6-10 stone, 38 – 64 kg
    Medium: 8 – 17 stone, 51 – 108 kg
    Large: 17 – 25 stone, 108 – 159 kg

    Ordering Codes:

    Small – MOV0882
    Medium – MOV0769
    Large – MOV0780
    Extra Large available – MOV1209


  • Standing Slings (Standaid)

    standing sling





    The standing slings are for use with stand aid hoists and are only for use with service users who have some weight bearing ability in standing. They allow access for toileting.

    info symbol

    If using with an Invacare StandAssist hoist make sure the straps are wrapped around the outside of each lift arm

    Measure chest circumference

    MOV0909   Small       87 – 107 cm
    MOV0680   Medium  97 – 117 cm
    MOV0678    Large       112 – 132 cm

    Extra large also available as non-stock 125 – 145 cm

  • Transport Slings (Standaid)

    Transport slings are for use with the stand aid hoists and are only for use with service users who have some weight bear ability in standing. The addition of the leg pieces is for safety should the service user’s weight bearing abilities become variable.

    Measurements of the person:

    Measure across the back, under the arms and add a further 2″/5cm on each side

    info symbolIf using with an Invacare StandAssist hoist make sure the straps are wrapped around the outside of each lift arm


    Ordering codes:

    Small – MOV0365
    Medium – MOV0305
    Large – MOV0374

    transport sling







    Measurements taken across the padded section of the sling

    Small: 70cm wide
    Medium: 82cm wide
    Large: 100cm wide

  • Weighing Scales

    Wheelchair scales and hoist scales can only be accessed for checking weight compliance with CES equipment.

    A joint visit with the technician is recommended. Please inform the technician of the type of scales needed.

    Wheelchair scales SWL is 300kg (47st)
    Hoist scales SWL is 200kg (32st)

    Order Code :MOV 0984