Equipment Provision to Prisons

Equipment from the Community Equipment Service (CES) is provided for the 3 prisons in Devon (Exeter, Dartmoor, Channings Wood) for anyone who has an eligible need.

The assessments for community equipment must be carried out by a CES Equipment Prescriber with a Prescriber number.

Prescribers can order SADLs (simple aids to daily living) and CADLs (complex aids to daily living) from the Community Equipment Service provided by Pluss. Retail prescriptions are not used to provide equipment for prisoners.

Urgent equipment can be accessed from a local satellite store and the local procedure for accessing these stores must be followed.

Prisoners are allowed to keep SADLs even if they move out of Devon.

CADLs must be collected and returned to the CES store if the prisoner moves out of area or if the item is no longer needed.