What training needs to be undertaken?

Posted on: 20 December 2016

Snow Wardens are given safety training by Devon County Council. Snow Wardens will be provided with a fluorescent jacket to ensure visibility when working.

Training will:

  • outline DCC’s winter maintenance role
  • discuss the benefits of a voluntary self help scheme
  • consider the legal implications
  • consider a model for setting up a voluntary self help scheme
  • consider how voluntary work should be carried out in a safe and responsible manner
  • consider the purchase, storage and use of salt supplies and winter maintenance equipment
  • empower the designated Snow Warden to be able to set up a voluntary self help scheme and to recruit, register and deliver training to community volunteers
  • consider when a self help scheme should be implemented

Snow Wardens and volunteers carry out snow clearance at their own risk, but as long as snow clearance is carried out responsibly and within the guidelines of the scheme, a third party public liability claim would be covered by the County Council’s public liability insurance.

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