What is the difference between a Road Warden and a Road Warden’s volunteer?

Posted on: 20 December 2016

The Road Warden does not necessarily carry out the works in their community although they can do so if they wish to and have undertaken the necessary training.  

The Road Warden is responsible for coordinating the works that take place. This includes agreeing works with their neighbourhood highway officer, ensuring that a risk assessment of any works is carried out and ensuring that DCC’s method statements are followed.

A road warden volunteer will assist with carrying out works. The training and qualification requirements depend on the work that is planned. For example, if potholes are being repaired on the live carriageway at least one volunteer will need to have undertaken, or already hold, City & Guilds chapter 8 training.

The majority of those already signed up to the scheme combine both the role of the Road Warden with that of the volunteer.

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