What are the responsibilities of the town or parish council once signed up to the scheme?

Posted on: 20 December 2016

We would like to encourage parish and town councils to agree to:

  • Identify an individual to act as the parish/town contact point for these matters who will be accountable to the local community through the parish/town council.
  • Determine what the local priorities are in severe weather and how they will be delivered locally, and be accountable to the local community for them. Priorities should be confirmed with County Council Neighbourhood teams prior to winter.
  • Take responsibility for delivering local self help and where possible refilling the grit bins and salt bags within their parish in a way which fits in with the local priorities for example to arrange for local grit bins to be refilled using local resources.
  • Demonstrate that suitable arrangements are in place to store and manage the salt responsibly, and be accountable to the local community for the way in which salt is managed.
  • To use the salt during severe weather on the public highway only (including footways and footpaths), but not areas treated by the county council as part of the defined salting network.
  • Encourage responsible local use of the grit bin facility and help to minimise abuse, such as people taking salt for use on private driveways.
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