Can I apply for a Highway Maintenance Community Enhancement fund?

Posted on: 20 December 2016

Yes you can. Please note that those signed up to the Road Warden Scheme will get priority application status.

Devon Highways has made a sum of money available in grants to towns, parishes and community groups in Devon.  The fund has been created following the implementation of the Road Warden and Community Self Help schemes.

Initial feedback indicated that although organisations were interested in the schemes, they often found it difficult to financially support any works or find volunteers who were able to make the commitment to both the training and future projects.

The fund aims to encourage community enhancement in towns and parishes by providing the financial assistance, which may be required, as well as encouraging collaborative working, where possible, between towns, parishes and voluntary and community groups.

Initial applications should detail the type of work that will be undertaken along with the overall benefit to the community.

Apply for a Highway Maintenance Community Enhancement fund.

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