Consultation results

Public consultation with parent/carers, staff, councillors, schools, partners and communities ran from 22 April and closed on 6 June 2014. There were 12 stakeholder meetings and 27 parent meetings, as well as other opportunities to engage, including through the website.

There was a general consensus, from the public consultation, that the ideas about how Devon’s childrens centre services could be delivered in future were positive.

It was evident that those who attended the stakeholder events had a clearer understanding of the proposals as they were able to discuss them face to face with council officers and partner agencies. From the responses gathered by the online questionnaire it was apparent that there was less understanding and many respondents marked the ‘don’t know’ box for a number of questions or stated that particular parts did not affect them directly.

Many respondents saw that new ways of working would be a good opportunity for providers to improve the way services are delivered.

The findings from the stakeholder and parent events and the questionnaires can be found here:

We have:

  • Spoken with 433 parents and carers
  • Spoken with 140 stakeholders, including staff, partners and communities
  • Received 581 completed questionnaires
  • Received 14 comments by email and letter