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Background information

In Devon, Children’s Centre Services are not directly delivered by the County Council.  They are contracted out to six different providers – four charities and two school governing bodies.

There are currently 41 main Children’s Centres:

  • 9 in Northern Devon
  • 14 in Southern Devon (incl. South Hams, Teignbridge and West Devon)
  • 18 in Eastern Devon (incl. Exeter, East and Mid Devon)

Children’s Centre Services are delivered out of 47 buildings.  34 of these buildings are owned by Devon County Council.  In addition to these buildings, Children’s Centre Services are delivered from local community buildings and in family homes.

Currently Children’s Centre areas are based around learning community boundaries.  Each of the centre areas has at least one main building that is the hub for service delivery, and is also used to accommodate staff.

The opening hours of Devon’s Children’s Centres vary according to need and level of usage.  Some operate Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.  Others open flexibly during the week and at weekends.

Each Children’s Centre offers a range of services, some open to all and some targeted.  These services typically include:

  • Ante natal advice to expectant parents, including parent craft programmes
  • Advice and guidance around breast feeding, healthy living, weaning and weight management
  • Child Health Clinics
  • Stay and Play activities
  • Opportunities to develop children’s communication skills
  • Advice and guidance for parents on behaviour management, child safety and early learning
  • Evidenced based parenting programmes
  • Family support
  • Adult and Community Learning activities
  • Advice and guidance around financial issues and welfare reforms

You can find out more in our information pack.

In addition, more information about Devon’s Children’s Centre Services can be found here.  Information available includes:

  • Maps showing current Children’s Centre areas
  • Links to individual Children’s Centre websites