Care Leavers are safe and supported to get the best start in adult life

Why are we doing this?

  • “We want to help you achieve everything you want to in your life”
  • “We want to help you get the best start in adult life”

Expected outcomes

  • Care Leavers are safe and in contact with the local authority
  • Care Leavers’ assessments are routinely completed and pathway plans reviews have robust management oversight
  • More Care Leavers are in education, employment or training (EET), including higher and further education
  • Care Leavers have access to high quality services to meet their needs
  • Improved housing options for care leavers and homeless 16 and 17 year olds

Milestones and outcomes

By September 2015

  • Processes in place to help ensure all Care Leavers are in contact with local authority
  • Care Leavers’ survey undertaken in ‘New Belongings’ project
  • Care leavers start apprenticeships in DCC participation team
  • Revised Careers South West contract agreed with specific targets for care leavers

By December 2015

  • Care Leavers’ guides published
  • Care Leaver Ambassadors in place
  • Health Passport for Care Leavers introduced
  • Pathway plan in place for all Care Leavers
  • Joint housing protocols launched

By June 2016

  • Care Leavers’ user forum established
  • Bespoke local plan for Care Leavers created
  • Local services for Care Leavers joined up
  • More Care Leavers are in Education Employment, or Training (EET)