Looked After Children are in stable placements and are able to achieve their full potential

Why are we doing this?

  • “We want for our looked after children what any parent should want for their child; to feel loved and cared for… To be happy, able to achieve their potential and given the best chances in life”
  • “I didn’t want to come into care, looking back on it I feel like it was what I needed to sort my life out. Since I’ve been in care I’ve been in education and got myself a job”

Expected outcomes

  • Strong and effective Corporate Parenting
  • The health needs of looked after children are met, particularly those identified as needing a child and adolescent mental health and/or emotional well being service (CAMHS)
  • Safe care and improved placement stability for children looked after
  • Improved permanence planning
  • Improved education outcomes for all looked after children, but particularly those in secondary schools

Milestones and outcomes

By September 2015

  • Corporate Parenting Board established with children/young people engagement
  • Learning Advocates in post to support educational attainment
  • New Fostering structure in place
  • Better matching and more children in Devon
  • Revised Strengths and Difficulties questionnaire (SDQ) process in place

By December 2015

  • Educational attainment for LAC matches or exceeds expected progress
  • Children placed through adoption increased to 14%
  • Improved quality of SDQ (Strengths and Difficulties questionnaires) for referrals to CAMHS
  • All initial health assessments completed within 28 day timescales

By June 2016

  • All seven LILAC standards achieved
  • Educational attainment for LAC exceeds expected progress
  • Placement Stability =<12%
  • Improved access to CAMHS/ emotional support
  • Increased use of Access to Independent Visitors service (target 10 for 2015/16) by children in care