Children are kept safe from exploitation

Why are we doing this?

  • “How will I know if somebody I care about is being exploited?”
  • “How can I get help?”
  • “How can I share information safely to help ensure that other children are protected from exploitation?”

Expected outcomes

  • Strong strategic arrangements and information sharing with partner agencies identifies and helps the most vulnerable children
  • Effective awareness raising so children, families , professionals and the wider public can recognise and react to the threat of sexual exploitation
  • Good record keeping and assessments reduce risk of future missing episodes and protect children
  • Improved disruption and prevention interventions
  • Therapeutic services provided to young people who have been exploited

Milestones and outputs

By September 2015

  • Revised MACSEs and Vulnerable Children’s Panel launched
  • Clear information on referral pathways available to agencies
  • REACH community conference held and school CSE action plans implemented
  • CSE awareness strategy in place for all agencies
  • New forms and protocols for missing children implemented

By December 2015

  • Schools all aware of minimum standards for tackling risk of CSE
  • Strategy for data sharing agreed and implemented
  • Scrutiny overview review of progress complete
  • CSE awareness events for young people held across Devon

By June 2016

  • Programme of CSE awareness events rolled out to business and community sectors across Devon
  • Robust processes in place for sharing CSE data, providing an up- to- date picture of children at risk