All children receive a good quality social care service

Why are we doing this?

  • “My views were acknowledged but I felt I wasn’t listened to initially. In fact I did not even realise the case was closed”
  • “We were treated in a very compassionate and empathic way”
  • “I would hate to think where we could have ended up without the help we got”

Expected outcomes

  • Consistent practice across the child’s pathway driven by a robust audit and performance management framework
  • The quality of work with children is high and assessments consistently address the children’s needs
  • Equality and diversity considerations are embedded in social work practice
  • Children’s past experiences and factors of neglect are fully considered
  • Improved timeliness and reduced delay in proceedings and process
  • An effective and timely local authority designated officer (LADO) service

Milestones and outputs

By September 2015

  • All old child sexual abuse cases audited
  • 85% of audits score 3+ or over
  • Use of Risk 2 tool embedded in assessment framework
  • Assessment (ADAM) training rolled out to all managers
  • ‘Lean’ pathway review completed
  • LADO investigation timeliness improved

By December 2015

  • 90% of audits scoring 3 or over
  • ADAM training rolled out to all social workers and foster carers
  • Increased take up of Family Group Conferences
  • Reducing number of CIC especially teenagers
  • LADO database implemented
  • Neglect audits undertaken

By June 2016

  • 95% of audits scoring 3 or over
  • Brokerage review completed and actions being implemented
  • Timeliness and quality of reports to panel improved
  • Changes of Social Worker =<15%
  • Placement Stability =<12%