Effective leadership and management driving improvement for children and families

Why are we doing this?

  • “Sometimes services don’t talk to each other and you are then blamed for doing something wrong because of lack of communication”
  • “Everyone has come and visited and told me about their services, but it has been confusing as more services are involved”

Expected outcomes

  • A clear vision and partnership plan for improving the lives of children and young people in Devon
  • Robust and routine oversight of safeguarding improvements
  • Routine, quality feedback from children and families systematically contributing to service direction and development at all levels
  • More efficient and effective joint commissioning
  • A strong management structure driving improvements for children
  • A stable, motivated and well trained workforce

Milestones and outcomes

By September 2015

  • New area structure for Children’s Social Work established
  • Scrutiny overview group established
  • Revised Children’s strategic governance arrangements in place
  • MoMo (Mind of My own) app live
  • 100% increase in use of advocacy service by children compared to 2014/15

By December 2015

  • Clear vision and partnership plan for children and young people in Devon agreed
  • New younger children in care group established
  • Children’s joint commissioning strategy published
  • Workforce learning and development plan rolled out

By June 2016

  • Deputy Director of Children’s Services in post
  • Children’s Social Work Academy implemented
  • Recruitment and retention targets met for 2015/16
  • 20% increase in complaints received from children