What we are doing now

National timeline

The Government’s national timeline programme schedule is a draft plan for implementing care and support reforms, divided into work-streams according to policy areas. It represents a snapshot of high-level milestones and deliverables as currently known (as at July 2014).

Preparing Devon

The Care Bill received Royal Accent in May 2014, putting in place the most significant change to adult social care legislation in 40 years. The Care Act 2014 will have a significant impact on services across Devon County Council and the NHS.

The Department of Health intends for legislation to be in place from April 2015 that will see new national eligibility criteria and a new focus on prevention and wellbeing and, for the first time, the Act puts carers on an equal legal footing as those for whom they care.

April 2016 will see the final stage of the Care Act in force when the funding reforms will be implemented. These reforms will establish a new charging framework and will place a cap on the contribution that individuals will make towards their ‘lifetime care cost’.

Devon County Council is currently preparing for the implementation of the Care Act and will continue to provide information to ensure that people in Devon are aware of how they will be affected by the Act and what they will need to do.