What we are doing now

Over the summer, Devon County Council submitted a response to the Care Act consultation. The comments are being analysed by the Department of Health and will be used to clarify and improve the Statutory Guidance and Regulations that detail how local authorities must deliver the Care Act.

And once we have clarity from the Department of Health, there will be opportunities for meaningful engagement.

In response to the Care Act, we are continuing to develop plans that will deliver the new duties; plans led through our Care Act Implementation Board with representation across the organisation on a number of key work package ahead of the Act being enforced on 1st April 2015.

The cost of the delivering the changes for 2015/16 have been agreed by our Corporate Leadership Team (CLT), and the work packages that detail how we will meet our duties are going through final fine-tuning to ensure all of the ‘must dos’, as set out in guidance, will be achieved.

The second of three national stocktake exercises took place this autumn, coordinated by the Local Government Association. This helps the Government gauge the preparedness of local government for the implementation of the Care Act and assess where support might be needed. Devon County Council’s response to the stocktake exercise can be viewed here.


Devon County Council’s aim is to ensure people with existing care needs (and their carers) know how the Care Act and the reforms will affect them.