Your care needs

New eligibility criteria

Proposed Department of Health key message for 2015

If you need care and support services, your needs will be assessed by Devon County Council, and we will work with you to identify whether your needs are eligible. (Eligible needs are those that qualify for help from a local authority). This means that in some areas needs will be supported, but in others they won’t.

However, from April 2015, there will be a new national minimum level for care and support, so Devon County Council will have to meet the care and support of someone who has the minimum level of need.

  • The new needs assessment must put you at the heart of the process, and consider what outcomes you want to achieve.
  • If you are currently receiving care and support and your needs meet the new minimum eligibility level, you will continue to receive this support.
  • If Devon County Council currently meets needs that will not be covered by the new level, we may continue to do so.  If we decide to stop meeting these needs, we must first consult the local community.