National campaign January-March 2015

The national care and support public information campaign runs between January–March 2015 to deliver Care Act messages direct to the end user and carer audiences, using the landscape design look and feel, as above.

The nationally-driven communications activity will be rolling out as follows:

  • Online advertising – digital and social media, and through major search engine platforms (e.g. Google, Bing)
  • Radio advertising (Heart and Smooth radio) – two 30 seconds adverts: care users and informal carers from 2 February until 15 March 2015
  • National media partnerships – newspapers and magazines via Daily/Sunday Mirror, Best magazine, Real People magazine in publications of 9 Feb-16 March – advertorials, pull-outs in Sunday supplements
  • Door Drops: Leaflets letterbox door drops to 64,000 + households in the Devon County Council (DCC) area 16-28 February 2015 by Royal Mail
  • GP waiting rooms leaflets in 20% of DCC areas supplied nationally, DCC will supply the remaining 80% of GP sites and also libraries from January-16 March 2015
  • Leaflets to 50 Libraries – DCC will supply leaflets

Please note that activity is unable to continue past March 2015 due to the pre-election period.

Locally we will use a toolkit to adapt national messages. Read our local communications recommendations.


What to look out for

All national activity will carry the marque (see right), and it has been made available to use by all local authorities and wider partners such as charities and private providers.

Examples of public information:

Additional information not to be given directly to the public:


BBC Radio 4 – You and Yours

Call You and Yours: How will the new Care Act affect you?

New laws covering care are coming into force across the UK. They give people who need care and the people looking after them new rights to help from local authorities. Next year in England, the Care Act will cap the cost of care at £72,000 for people who pay for themselves over their lifetime. So if you have any questions about care – we’ll have experts on hand to help. We’d like to know what’s worrying you about care now and in the future?