Carer consultation

Carer Consultation to implement the Care Act in Devon

The Care Act 2014 represents a major change to the law in relation to carers. It means that we have to look very differently at how we can best support carers in Devon. In particular, the Act requires us to ensure that assessed eligible needs of carers are met. In so doing, we will have to use available resources first and foremost to deliver the new legal duties. To do so, we will need to cease some current services and put in place a new ‘carer offer’.


The scope of the consultation

The purpose of this consultation was to ask for the views of carers about the changes that we propose to make to meet the requirements of the Act. The proposals set out are based on guidance issued by the Department of Health at 23 October 2014 and have been developed with staff and carers since June 2014.

This consultation was about how Devon County Council, with its partners, will support adult carers of adults. The Act also covers Young Carers who are approaching the age of 18, and parent/adult carers of children with additional needs who are approaching the age of 18. We are still developing our approaches in relation to these groups and will consult separately should there be any implications for how we support them.

It covers the main areas in which the new law has implications for the ways Devon County Council and its partners do things with and for Carers in particular.

  • The ‘new offer’ for carers in Devon County Council
  • Charging for services
  • Personalisation
  • Equality for carers

You can refer to the proposed changes and background information.

The consultation closed on Monday 12 January 2015.


The Care Act 2014 and Carers in Devon

Refer to the recent communication ‘The Care Act 2014 and Carers in Devon’ where we outline the proposals of the consultation

  • Proposal 1: about ceasing to provide services on an open access basis and implement the requirements of the Act through a new ‘carer offer’
  • Proposal 2: Charging carers
  • Proposal 3: the new carer offer
  • Proposal 4: Personalisation and the Devon Card
  • Proposal 5: Improving equality for carers.


Analysis and feedback

Thank you to everyone who gave us comments. This report is a summary of the key findings of a consultation with carers. 250 carers responded to a structured on-line consultation and there were four consultative events attended by carers.

Carers were also involved in the pre-consultative phase helping shape the content of the consultation through co-production workshops and focus groups.