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Support for adults

Online self-assessment

Before you start the self-assessment

  • Complete the online supported self-assessment if you have needs which require an assessment for social care, you are over the age of 18 and live in Devon.
  • To do this online assessment you will need to be able to understand and talk about your care and health needs. If you’re not able to do this phone us on 0345 155 1007.
  • You might find it helpful to have a friend or relative to support you. However, the form is a self-assessment and must be completed by you. If you want to complete an assessment on behalf of someone else phone us on 0345 155 1007.
  • If you are under 18 find information about support for children and young people here.
  • If you care for another adult find out about support and assessments for carers here.

If you live outside the Devon County Council area, visit your local authority’s website for information about social care assessments where you live:

If you’re not sure which council area you live in use the Find my council tool to find out.

Completing your assessment

Take as much time as you need to complete the assessment. You can tell us as much as you want to about your situation, but the more information you give us the more we can understand about your life. You can fill in the form in one visit, or save it and complete it over more sessions.

You will need to use an email address to create a secure account to submit your assessment.

By submitting the form you will give us permission to hold and use your personal information in accordance with our privacy and data protection policies. We will ask you to give your consent at the end of the form.

When you have submitted your assessment we will review it and contact you to discuss your situation and what support may be available. We aim to contact you and complete the assessment process within 28 days of receiving your form.

Call us on 0345 155 1007 (Monday to Friday 8am–8pm and Saturdays 9am– 1pm) if:

  • your situation is urgent
  • you think that you may be at risk of harm from yourself or others
  • you feel unsafe because of the actions or behaviour of others – for example, someone taking your money without permission, making you feel bad about yourself, hurting or threatening you in some way
  • you need help to use the supported self-assessment
  • you would prefer a telephone assessment.

Remember: phone 999 if someone is in immediate danger, or there is a risk of serious damage to property.

Start my self assessment

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