What is happening now

Update: 30 November 2016

Executive Scoping in Progress

Executive Scoping is for the Leadership Group and will be role specific and is the start of their learning journey, this will enable the Leadership Group to begin to:

  • understand and enact new leadership principles
  • talk with greater understanding and confidence about systemic connections and to draw them out in a clear and structured way
  • lead and contribute from a position of direct knowledge and understanding
  • use new frameworks to constructively challenge assumptions and opinions and begin to solve problems in a new way.

Below is the high level programme of work for November 2016 to May 2017


Deliverables from November to May

  1. Leadership Group routinely using different frameworks to challenge thinking constructively, solve problems collectively and make informed decisions.
  2. Leadership Group have tested the principles agreed in the Leadership Charter in practice.
  3. Refined purposes, principles and practices that will underpin systemic redesign.
  4. New framework of leading and lagging measures in place and current performance baselined against new measures.
  5. All change activity and capacity re-aligned against Purposeful System framework, and clear governance in place.
  6. One or more exemplar system redesigns underway.
  7. One Plan set out the order for systemic redesign, re-aligned change activity and informing next phase of work beyond May 2017.