What is happening now

Update: March 2017

1) Reframing our Work from a Citizen’s Perspective

Initial work has seen the Council reframe its services around nine purposeful systems (see figure 1 below) thinking about what we are here to do from our citizens’ perspective, working across boundaries and organisations. This reframing takes us away from the current functional and/or hierarchical design of services which can see citizens “bouncing around” the system.

The Leadership Group has prioritised the redesign of those purposeful systems as shown in the diagram below.

Figure 1: Purposeful Systems

2) Executive Scoping

All 15 members of the DCC Leadership Group plus some purposeful system leaders from partner organisations have undertaken two days Executive Scoping. The purpose of this initial scoping is for those leaders to experience a different approach to thinking about what we do, and to explore and challenge thinking from a different perspective, using different frameworks. The reason for the Executive Scoping is to enable the top team to lead, govern and shape the shift to a purposeful system approach from a position of direct knowledge and understanding. As a result of the Executive Scoping leaders will be able to begin to:

  • understand and enact new leadership principles;
  • talk with greater understanding and confidence about systemic connections and to draw them out in a clear and structured way;
  • lead and contribute from a position of direct knowledge and understanding; and
  • use new frameworks to constructively challenge assumptions and opinions and to make informed choices to begin to solve problems in a new way.