What have we done?

1. Reframing our work from a citizen’s perspective
Last year leaders focused on understanding what it is we are here to do from a citizen’s perspective. This has helped us to look at our work from the outside in, and across boundaries and organisations. Leadership Team then used this approach to reframe our services around nine purposeful systems. This reframing moves us away from the current functional or hierarchical design of services which can force citizens to bounce around teams and organisations.

The diagram shows the nine purposeful systems.

Nine purposeful systems










2. Executive scoping
Members of our DCC Leadership Group, along with some purposeful system leaders from partner organisations, have taken part in two days of executive scoping. The purpose of scoping is for our leaders to experience a different approach to what we do, and to explore and challenge their thinking from another perspective, using different frameworks. This will help our leaders to lead, govern and design the shift to a purposeful system approach based on direct knowledge and understanding of how our current systems work.

As a result of the scoping, leaders should:

  • design and live new leadership principles
  • talk with greater understanding and confidence about systemic connections, and draw them out in a clear and structured way
  • lead and contribute from a position of direct knowledge and understanding
  • use new frameworks to constructively challenge assumptions and opinions, and to make informed choices to solve problems in a new way.