What are we doing now?

We have two pieces of work running at the moment.

System redesign

We are moving forward on the system redesign work in four priority areas using the Vanguard Purposeful Systems method. The priority areas are:

1) I can become and remain independent
Northern Devon Health and Social Care
Sponsor: Jennie Stephens

2) I can become and remain independent
16-25 Transitions
Sponsor: Dawn Stabb

3) A to B
Sponsor: Meg Booth

4) Best start in life (ready to learn)
Sponsors: Jo Olsson and Virginia Pearson



As part of working to a new purpose, understanding our system and understanding our citizen’s needs, we will have to develop effective measures which:

  • truly tell us whether we are succeeding in meeting our purpose
  • if we are not meeting purpose, help us understand what we need to change to do that.

Each member of the leadership team is undertaking an individual piece of work related to measures. The purpose of the first stage of the measures work is about our thinking as leaders:

  • what do we pay attention to?
  • what kind of impact does that have on our areas of responsibility and the people we work with?
  • what kind of actions and outcomes for citizens occur as a consequence?

This learning can only be done by the leaders themselves, so each member of the leadership group has been having individual sessions with a Vanguard expert.