Supporting leaders

We need to operate and think differently to redesign our services around what matters to the people of Devon; we can’t transform with the same thinking and approaches that have created our current services, processes and approaches.

To help us think differently we are using the Vanguard Method of systems thinking to help us understand our systems and to:

  • challenge our assumptions and change thinking
  • listen to our citizens and understand what matters to them
  • understand how work flows through our system
  • design our systems around citizen’s needs.

This is very different to how we work now. To make the shift to this new approach we have asked Vanguard to help us apply their methodology to:

  • use new frameworks to constructively challenge assumptions and opinions, solve problems effectively and make informed choices
  • develop an organisation-wide One Plan to help us understand the scope of the work
  • review and challenge all current change activity using a practical challenge framework
  • help leadership team build a systemic understanding of our services so that they can make informed choices about where and how to change
  • support leaders with any change through clarity of purpose, better measures and a method focused on value
  • develop method facilitators so they have the experience and capability to lead and support future work. The leader, with a Vanguard consultant and method facilitators will be the core of the team that takes the work forward in each of the purposeful systems.

Method facilitators
The support for redesign will initially be through Vanguard, but part of the purposeful systems approach is to grow and develop our capability and expertise so that the external support provided by Vanguard will reduce. To do this we have recruited six people to a method facilitator learning cohort which will be developing expertise and knowledge over time.

The purpose of the method facilitator role is to become expert in the Vanguard Method so that they can help leaders to see and think differently, and help to ensure work is designed from an outside-in perspective using the Vanguard Methodology.