How does it work?

Leadership Team have developed key principles to guide and govern our work.

Key principles

  • System change is led by the Leadership Team
  • We will use an outside-in, whole system approach – where we look at our whole system from the citizen’s perspective
  • Change is based on knowledge and understanding across the whole system
  • We will test new ways of working and, as we understand what is effective, we will make them normal
  • Change is linked to better measures – we will measure the right things not the easy things
  • Services are designed against demand – we understand what citizens need and design to that
  • Change is sustainable because we are changing the thinking behind the work:
    –   leaders will learn about and understand the work as a system
    –   change will be done by those who do the work, supported by managers.


Image of Check Plan Do approach









The method follows the steps Check – Plan – Do.

  • Check helps us to understand the current organisation as a system.
  • Plan is where we identify levers for change; then design, test and finalise a new system design.
  • Do is where we roll people in to the new way of working to make it normal.

If we first know what needs to be done and why, we can plan and execute change effectively.