Final reports


Peer Challenge – Outcomes

The desired outcomes were:

  • An overall assessment of adult social care in Devon, testing whether our view as expressed in e.g. our annual report is shared by peers
  • An overall assessment of our readiness to meet the requirements of the Care Act, with the LGA methodology for the Peer Challenge having recently been updated to focus on its requirements
  • A review of our Information and Advice strategy and delivery, a Care Act duty
  • A review of our Prevention strategy and delivery, a Care Act duty
  • A review of the reach and effectiveness of our Reablement Service, the reach of our Reablement Service being an acknowledged area for improvement in our performance profile
  • A review of the effectiveness of CareDirect phone-based assessments in seeking solutions to people’s needs without resort to ongoing support and where ongoing support is necessary, a review of the extent to which the assessment identifies the strengths of the individual, their family and social network and their community
  • An overall assessment of the potential of our approaches to demand management to contribute further to required budget savings in the next three years and beyond.