• Request Recycling

    Under the Freedom of Information act, please provide me with the following details: The amount of waste local authorities collected in tonnes, broken down by recycling and non-recycling. 2014/15 (2015) – Devon Authorities Waste Reduction and Recycling Committee minutes 2015/16 … Continue reading

  • Exeter recycling

    The University of Exeter is working on a Grand Challenges sustainability project, and we are trying to find out more information on Exeter’s recycling process. Firstly, we would like to know what percentage of Exeter’s collected recycling is actually recycled. … Continue reading

  • Handling of Gulls at Waste sites

    Could I ask for the following information please? • Can you confirm that such activity (the shooting and/or disturbance of gulls at landfill sites used in North Devon) is sanctioned by either Torridge or North Devon, or identify other possibilities. … Continue reading

  • Suez run recycling plant, Tavistock

    I understand that there have been numerous complaints and criticisms of the Suez run recycling plant at Tavistock (I have seen numerous comments on the Tavistock Facebook page and questions asked of the local councilors on that page). Were these … Continue reading

  • Recycling Expenditure

    Request: “This is a Freedom of Information Act request about expenditure at Devon County Council. This request is based on a previous disclosure of cost codes on What Do They Know. For the financial years 2016-17 and 2015-16, and 2014-15 … Continue reading

  • Disposal of Animal Bedding

    I would like a copy of all documents where your waste management department discuss the disposal of animal bedding (particularly with regard to rabbit bedding). This should include policy documents, emails, minutes of meetings etc. Devon County Councils’ guidance on … Continue reading

  • Waste management contract

    We understand that the following contract/s has expired or is due to expire by the end of September. Service ‘ Treatment – Food & Green Contractor ‘ Viridor Waste Management Expiry date – 31/03/2017 Can you advise if a new … Continue reading

  • Closed landfill sites

    Are you responsible for any closed landfill sites? Devon County Council is responsible for closed landfill sites. If yes are these sites monitored for pollution? Some are If yes who undertakes the monitoring and how much does it cost? Some … Continue reading