• Electric vehicle charging points

    1) How many total EV charging points are installed in the council area. 2) How many EV charging points are rapid chargers? (Rapid chargers are divided in two sections ‘ AC and DC. Currently available Rapid AC chargers are rated … Continue reading

  • Transport subsidied by the Council

    1) Please list all the bus, tram or other public transport services either financially supported by or run by the council, or on the council’s behalf in any form, for example but not limited to a concession, partnership, or contractor … Continue reading

  • Incentivised green travel

    I am requesting the following information under the Freedom of Information Act. Please can you answer the following questions in writing. Does the council have any measures which incentivize the use of low-emission vehicles such as reductions in parking permit … Continue reading

  • A380 Kingskerswell Hydraulic Model

    Hydraulic modelling study undertaken as part of the construction of the A380 Kingskerswell Bypass, which included the watercourse to the south-west of our site (referred to as Edginswell Brook/stream in the A380 FRA). I require copies of the model files … Continue reading

  • Barriers at Cranbrook Train Station

    Please can you provide the total cost to the Council of the concrete barriers that were placed at Cranbrook train station in order to deter travellers. Please also provide details on whether they have been hired for a fixed term, … Continue reading

  • Fleet Vehicles Information

    The pay grade for the Fleet Manager/person in charge of your fleet of vehicles The Passenger Services Manager is in charge of the County Council’s fleet and the pay grade for this position is £40,057 to £44,753 per annum. The … Continue reading

  • Peak Traffic Flows Cranbrook

    Please can you tell me the total AM and PM peak hour traffic flows that are forecast to be generated by the Cranbrook new town, as represented by planning application 03/P1900, and if appropriate any subsequent applications or variations of … Continue reading

  • Highways gritting activities

    Information related to the Highways Department gritting activities 1. The number of days for which ice was forecast in the winter of 2016/2017 and for as many years back that it is practical to supply or if this is not available … Continue reading