• Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES).

    I am completing an assessment to understand how the Local Authorities are enforcing the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES). Following on from your post in April 2018 on Devon County Councils webpages (below) please can you provide an update on … Continue reading

  • Communications with Tobacco Companies

    Request: “I’d like to request all correspondence between the Council and: • Philip Morris International • British American Tobacco • Japan Tobacco International • Imperial Brands (formally Imperial Tobacco) • Tobacco Manufactures Association • Tobacco Retailers Alliance between 11th July … Continue reading

  • Performing Animals (Regulation) Act

    I write to request, under the Environmental Information Regulations, the following document relating to Exmoor Owl and Hawk Centre, West Lynch Farm, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 8HJ: Can you please confirm whether the establishment holds a licence under the Performing Animals … Continue reading

  • Trading Standards Complaints

    “I would be grateful if you could provide the below information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Where the term ‘faulty’ is used, this can also be understood as referring to inadequate or incorrect products or workmanship. Number of … Continue reading

  • Illegal Imports of Puppies

    Name of local authority: Devon County Council In the last five calendar years, how many reports (either in writing, by telephone or online) have you received, either from the general public or anyone else, in relation to the suspected illegal … Continue reading

  • Enforcement of energy efficiency policy

    1. How many fines were issued for failure to display a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). None 2. How many fines were issued for failure to include the energy performance rating of a property (letters A-G) in sale or lease … Continue reading

  • Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

    Would you be able, if applicable under the Freedom of Information Act, tell me: 1) You are aware of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards and have a robust plan to enforce it (and what that plan is) We are aware … Continue reading

  • Buy With Confidence

    Would you please provide me with a copy of the BWC License Agreement? The Buy With Confidence scheme has a number of rival schemes and this is a competitive market place where achieving and maintaining a significant degree of recognition … Continue reading

  • EPC Enforcement

    Request: “Can you please send me some figures on how many people have been prosecuted in our area only it seems to me that very little has been done on this matter.  When you think it has been law ever … Continue reading

  • Game Farms in Devon

    How many game farms are located in your area? Devon County Council do not hold comprehensive records of game farms. We have three premises on our database which indicate they are game farms but this figure is expected to be … Continue reading