• Continence clinic for children

    Does your local authority provide a dedicated continence clinic? Yes / No. No.  [There is a CCG-commissioned Level 2 continence clinic provided by one of the local NHS Trusts] If you answered no, please go to question 5. Which of … Continue reading

  • Cervical Cancer Screening

    What activities has your local authority undertaken to promote cervical screening and increase uptake over the last year, August 2016 to August 2017? (We are looking for an outline of any activities that the local authority public health team has … Continue reading

  • Public Health – Alcohol Dependency in Devon

    Does the Local Authority’s Director of Public Health have an estimate for the number of:  a)      Dependent drinkers within your local authority area? b)      Hazardous drinkers within your local authority area? The following is taken from the Substance Misuse Rapid … Continue reading

  • Opiate client treatment

    1. According to the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS), how many opiate clients were in treatment between 31st March 2016 and 1st April 2017? Don’t know;    x Number of opiate clients in treatment: Don’t know. Devon County Council do … Continue reading

  • Public Health expenditure

    For the financial year 2015/16, please list methods for assessing the efficacy of the following non-statutory public health functions of the Director of Public Health, including cost-effectiveness, for each of: Smoking and tobacco – Stop smoking services and interventions Physical … Continue reading

  • Substance misuse budgets

    From your allocated Public Health budget, how much did you spend on the following areas of drug and alcohol treatment? 1. Total substance misuse budget. 2. Residential rehabilitation budget (tier4) 3. Residential detoxification budget (tier 4) 4. Community substance misuse … Continue reading

  • Domestic abuse funding

    1. Total Council spending on domestic abuse services for each financial year between 2004-2005 and 2016-2017, inclusive.   Please see the table available via the link below for the information from 2009 onwards. We are unable to provide details in the same … Continue reading

  • Sexual and reproductive health services

    Request 1 Please state the budget allocated by your local authority for (a) financial year 2016/17 (b) financial year 2017/18 for all sexual and reproductive health services (please give combined budget if within a block contract) (a) £5.933m (b) £5.987m … Continue reading

  • Tobacco Companies and Stop Smoking Services

    1)      How much money is invested via council-operated pension funds in tobacco companies? I would like this information broken down by year for the past five financial years (2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17); and broken down by tobacco companies. For … Continue reading

  • Drug and Alcohol Budget 2017/18

    Freedom of Information Act 2000 Information Request: 5855996 Date of Request: 8th March 2017            Date of Disclosure: 21st March 2017 Devon County Councils response to each question is below Following the completion of your budget setting process I request … Continue reading