• Tier 3 Adult Drug Treatment Services

      Request: “We would like to request the following information regarding all Tier 3 Adult Drug Treatment Services (that can prescribe Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) commissioned by Devon County Council: Name, Address and Telephone Number.” Response: Drug Treatment Service Name … Continue reading

  • Emergency Planning

    Within the council, who is the person that is responsible for emergency planning?  Emergency Planning is managed within Communities, Public Health, Environment and Prosperity and as such the Head of Service is the responsible Chief Officer.  For any queries on … Continue reading

  • Public health expenditure

    1. Please provide a summary breakdown of the public health spend for Devon in each of the last 5 years (2013-2017 inclusive). 2. Please provide a summary breakdown of the Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) spend of Devon was distributed … Continue reading

  • Smoking cessation services

    If a smoking cessation service were to be commissioned in your area would it be your responsibility. If not, whose? Yes  Do you currently commission smoking cessation services from community pharmacies in your area? Yes  If yes: How many individual … Continue reading

  • Vision Impairment services

    1. At present, how many people are registered as blind or partially sighted in Devon? The most recent figures held by Devon County Council are 4,251, comprising 2,082 registered blind and 2,169 registered partially sighted. 2. How many people are … Continue reading

  • Continence clinic for children

    Does your local authority provide a dedicated continence clinic? Yes / No. No.  [There is a CCG-commissioned Level 2 continence clinic provided by one of the local NHS Trusts] If you answered no, please go to question 5. Which of … Continue reading

  • Cervical Cancer Screening

    What activities has your local authority undertaken to promote cervical screening and increase uptake over the last year, August 2016 to August 2017? (We are looking for an outline of any activities that the local authority public health team has … Continue reading

  • Public Health – Alcohol Dependency in Devon

    Does the Local Authority’s Director of Public Health have an estimate for the number of:  a)      Dependent drinkers within your local authority area? b)      Hazardous drinkers within your local authority area? The following is taken from the Substance Misuse Rapid … Continue reading