• Sale of Kenwyn

      “Has DCC or its agents formally notified Ashburton Town Council that the Town Council or any suitable organisation within Ashburton, could apply to purchase Kenwyn (DCC asset number 047101) since 2013 for community purposes, and if so when? Devon … Continue reading

  • Local Government Estates Strategy

    Whether your Local Authority has any plans to establish or move any of its municipal offices to new premises or to redevelop existing premises in the coming five years. Devon County Council do not currently have any plans for relocation … Continue reading

  • Unclaimed business rate credit balances

    A. The name of each business in respect of which non-domestic rate credit balances remain payable B. The value of over payment in each case which remain unclaimed C. The years(s) in which over payment was made and the hereditament … Continue reading

  • Picnic site sale

    I am interested in when the Trimstone Picnic Site near Mullacott Cross in Ilfracombe will be put up for sale. Trimstone Picnic site was advertised for sale by tender in January 2017. This was an open and public process inviting … Continue reading

  • Building maintenance contracts

    Please can your provide me a list of sub contractors currently engaged by you for maintenance contracts of DCC owned facilities, spaces and buildings For the purpose of our response we have we have assumed that it was intended to … Continue reading

  • Council owned properties

    How many council owned properties there currently are in your district? Devon County Council (DCC) currently has the freehold of 669 separately listed land assets. DCC periodically publish details of its land and buildings. The Open Data information includes tenure … Continue reading

  • Printer location, spend and output

    How many Full Time Employees do you have? This information is published online in our HR Dashboard and is currently (10/02/2017) 3,623.96 How many locations do you have? As part of our commitment to accountability and transparency we have published … Continue reading

  • Building maintenance and construction costs

    Please indicate the average annual cost to the Council of having to rectify building construction or building maintenance works where the works have not complied with the specification All reasonable efforts are made to ensure that all building construction or … Continue reading

  • Fire safety costs

    I‘d like to know the cost of all work undertaken to check buildings for fire safety, including testing of cladding components, following the Grenfell Tower fire on 14th June 2017. Where possible, I’d like this to be broken down into … Continue reading

  • Green energy and carbon footprints

    1) Where do you buy your energy? Is it a green energy tariff? Devon County Council purchases energy through a public buying group called Laser Energy Group which is part of Kent County Council. We are not on a green … Continue reading