• Library access

    We have an information request -see below – 1. How many of your libraries operate a “self-service” opening system where people are not allowed to access the library building unless they have registered in advance? One (only one library operates … Continue reading

  • Library branch issues

    Please can you provide the number of issues at each branch of Devon Libraries for the year running from April 2017 to March 2018. Refer to link for a list of Library Branch Issues 2017 – 2018

  • Public Library Service

    1. How many libraries within the local authority’s statutory provision, that had paid council staff permanently based in them in January 2010, no longer have any paid staff permanently based in them? NIL 2. Since January 2010, what changes in … Continue reading

  • Libraries Unlimited

    Please document all ways in which Devon County Council is holding Libraries Unlimited to account to ensure Libraries Unlimited is providing a “free, comprehensive and efficient service” (as the council is statutorily obliged to do under the Museums and Libraries … Continue reading

  • Axiell UK and Devon Libraries

    Please supply the dates and amounts in payments for services procured from Axiell UK by Devon Libraries. For each payment please say what the service was that was procured from Axiell. Please go back as far as your records allow … Continue reading

  • Self-service machines at Ashburton Library

    Itemise the costs and say when Ashburton Library had self-service installed. The RFID machine at Ashburton was installed in July 2015 Provide all costs purchase or lease, installation and maintenance of self-service machines at Ashburton Library. The purchase cost of … Continue reading

  • Self-service machines in libraries

    Provide all costs purchase or lease, installation and maintenance of self-service machines in Devon libraries (RFID machines or self-service kiosks) Please itemise the costs and provide the costs for each library and say when each library had self-service installed. Provide all costs … Continue reading