• Compensation Paid to Motorists 2016

    Please provide me with details of compensation payments to motorists due to damage caused to their vehicles due to poor condition of roads (potholes, etc.) during 2016. Total claims for compensation your council received. 444  Total claims your council paid … Continue reading

  • Compensation Paid to Motorists

    1. How much money overall has been paid out by Devon County Council in connection with compensation claims (whether or not liability was accepted) relating to potholes involving a/ cyclists and b/ motorists in each of the last five years? … Continue reading

  • Ashburn Gardens

    I wish to have a scanned copy of the Agreement dated 22 February 1984 made between (1) Devon County Council and (2) Buckfast Abbey Trustees Registered relating to Ashburn Gardens, Roborough Lane, Ashburton on behalf of my mother Hazel Edith … Continue reading

  • Social Media Spend

      “Questions about Twitter:- Please can you tell me if your authority has in the past five years paid an individual or organisation to increase its Twitter followers on any of its social media accounts or to get retweets on … Continue reading

  • Compensation Paid to Motorists

    Under the Freedom of Information Act can I ask for the following information: • The amount of compensation that has been paid to motorists for road accidents over the last four financial years? (2016/17, 2015/16, 2014/15, 2013/14) 2013/2014 – £148,932.90 … Continue reading

  • Street Register

      “According to this link to the Department for Transport’s Code of Practice, Fourth Edition, revised October 2016: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/43578/street-works-code-of-practice.pdf a local authority is required to maintain a register of all publicly maintainable highways, non-publicly maintainable highways and private streets.  Further, … Continue reading