• Ridgeway Lane, Colyton

    This we apply for under the “Freedom of Information Act”. As there is a substantial risk to any pedestrian, cyclist or motorist that use the lane it is now our intention to bring this matter [concerning Ridgeway Lane, Colyton] to … Continue reading

  • Damage to Vehicles

    Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 I seek the following information (held by your insurance team) regarding damage to vehicles caused by poor road conditions on roads under your local authority administration for each financial years 2015/16 and 2016/17. … Continue reading

  • Compensation claims

    1) Please could you give me the information regarding how much compensation has been given to claimants over the last three years (total £amount). Please break this down per year. (15,16,17). 2015: £832,996.17 2016: £422,521.79 2017 (up to 11th October … Continue reading

  • Child abuse – parental prosecutions

    How many parents have been prosecuted for child abuse by deliberately manipulating a child against another parent in the Family Court arena. Devon County Council  does not prosecute parents involved in child abuse cases. Therefore we do not hold this … Continue reading

  • Legal Statutes

    Identify and provide copy of that authority which empowers your Council to fund by way of tax payers monies the private [none Council] Civil legal actions taken by those of its officer’s, employee’s and Councillor’s. Devon County Council does not … Continue reading

  • Dartmoor National Park

    How did Dartmoor National Park commission Simon Clarey and what fees were involved? Devon County Council were contacted by Dartmoor National Park Head of Legal and Democratic Services and asked if we would be able to undertake this investigation which … Continue reading

  • Deceased with no next of kin

    I am writing to you from Thames Probate Ltd, a leading probate genealogy and research company. We offer a free of charge Administrator Search Service for cases where the deceased has no Will or known next of kin. I would … Continue reading