• Potholes and claims

    The number of potholes reported to the council¬† The total number of potholes within the local authority area is impossible to determine. Whilst we can provide the below figures, which represent the number of potholes picked up during routine safety … Continue reading

  • Tiverton Canal Company

    I would like full details of the contract you hold with the Tiverton Canal Company. This should include details of payments they make to you for use of the canal. The information is exempt under section 21 of the Freedom … Continue reading

  • Council owned art and value

    The total number of works of art owned by the local authority¬† Forty nine paintings and three Sculptures¬† The most up to date figures that the local authority has concerning the value of any and all works of art owned … Continue reading

  • Complaints about a Councillor

    Information Request 1) How many further complaints have there been about Councillor Brian Greenslade following the publication of the Standards Committee findings that he sexually harassed staff? The Chief Executive of the Council has submitted a second complaint about Councillor … Continue reading

  • Standards Committee

    This request is being made with regards to Devon County Council’s standards committee meeting of Monday, July 2 2018, specifically item 37. I am requesting the investigation report to this item is made available. While I note the council’s decision … Continue reading

  • Sexual abuse claims

    Please could you tell me the total amount paid out in compensation by the council (or its insurers) for historic sexual abuse cases since November 2011? Where possible, please break down the figures to show the number and/or value of … Continue reading

  • Special Guardianship Orders

    Does the Council use the Department of Education formula without alteration in means testing payments for Families with Special Guardianship Orders? No. If the formula has altered what are the changes? Devon County Council (DCC) has reduced the amount of … Continue reading

  • Transfer of public building or land

    I would be most grateful if you would supply me with data under the Freedom of Information Act on the local authority’s transfer of each public building or land which provides, or has done so in the recent past, community, … Continue reading