• ICT expenditure

    This is a freedom of information request. Please could you provide me with information about your organisation’s ICT expenditure as detailed in the attached template. I have tried to find this information in your organisation’s published data, but was unable … Continue reading

  • Mobile Phones

    Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. We request information on the following. SIM card/mobile networks related information. NOTE we do not require handset information. 1. How many mobile phone users do you have (this includes smartphone users, basic mobile … Continue reading

  • Artificial Intelligence

    I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, to request the following information from your Information Technology and or Procurement departments. We seek to learn “if and how Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence is used … Continue reading

  • Data Asset Register

    I am trying to understand what information DCC holds and would like a copy or link to the corporate information asset register. I understand that portions may be redacted. We can confirm that we hold a corporate information asset register … Continue reading

  • Commercial geodemographic segmentation data

    1. Does your organisation use any Commercial geodemographic segmentation data or services such as Experian’s MOSAIC, CACI’s ACORN? Yes; however, this it was purchased on behalf of the Integrated Care Exeter project via the multi-agency project management team and that … Continue reading

  • Social Care Case Management Systems

    1.) What is the name of the system the council operates for both the adults and children’s social care case management systems? OLM CareFirst 2.) When do the contracts for both the adults and children’s social care case management systems … Continue reading

  • Mobile App Development

    What mobile app development platform/s is used by your authority? We do not use a mobile app development platform, therefore we do not hold this information. If Answer to Q1 is “don’t currently have one”, does your authority have plans … Continue reading

  • IT Infrastructure

    Under the freedom of information act I would like the following: 1) ICT Team structure including name, email and any contact details from CIO, IT Director IT Manager, IT Infrastructure Manager. DCC Structure charts are available on the DCC public … Continue reading