• IT Service Management

    What software product(s) are you using to manage your IT Service Management (e.g. Landesk, ServiceNow, Cherwell, Hornbill etc.)?   Hornbill SupportWorks   When does the contract with your current service desk provider end?   June 2018   How much does … Continue reading

  • Youth Offending IT system

    Who supplies your Youth Offending/Youth Justice system? CACI (Childview) What is the annual cost of support and maintenance for this solution? £13,370 inc VAT When does your contract expire with this supplier? October 2020

  • Digital Solutions

    (1) Is your organisation developing/creating Tech solutions (e.g. Demonstrator projects/Accelerator projects)? To support future service delivery. What is the value of this work? What solutions are you working on? When will these be complete? Will these solutions be scalable to … Continue reading

  • Schools services information

    Could you please provide me with the following information: 1) Does your organisation supply or recommend budgeting software or spreadsheets to schools and/or academies under your jurisdiction? Supply / Recommend / Neither Software / Spreadsheet/ Neither All Devon maintained schools … Continue reading

  • IT help desk

    Do you have an ICT Helpdesk/Service desk? Yes Is this dedicated or does it sit with the IT support team?   The IT service team  and ICT support team  are both provided by SCOMIS  

  • Cyber attacks annually since 2013

    For each year since 2013 1.Please provide details of how many cyber-attacks to computer systems, networks or devices have taken place. Data about this activity is only held for a short time for diagnostic purposes, we do not hold information … Continue reading

  • OLM Eclipse System

    I understand, from previous FOI requests that the Council is in the process of moving from Carefirst to a new social care system called Eclipse, also supplied by OLM. 1)    Can you confirm whether this is correct? If so, is … Continue reading

  • Cyber Attacks

    Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 I seek the following information:  For 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 (to date):  The number of cyber attacks that you have been a target of, with the date of each attack … Continue reading

  • CareFirst annual support costs

    What was the annual support charge for children’s and adults social care for each of the following financial years: 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 What other annual charges does the council pay to OLM? For example, if the solution is hosted … Continue reading

  • Social care case management

    With regards to your social care case management system(s), please provide the following information: Who supplies your current Children’s & Adults social care case management system(s)? OLM What reporting tools & reporting software do you use in conjunction with this … Continue reading