• Conduct and disciplinary processes

    I would like copies of your policies pertaining to disciplinary action & conduct for employees and contractors. Policies that deal with negligence and child protection. Here is a link to our Conduct and Disciplinary Policy – applying to employees and … Continue reading

  • Recruitment of international child social workers

    These questions concern the strategic recruitment of ethnic, international child protection social workers (Childrens Department). Please distinguish between country of birth, of training and employment. Namibians, Botswanana, Zambians and Zimbabweans tend to get lumped together as South Africans which is … Continue reading

  • Teacher recruitment and retention

    Please will you provide me with any information/data you hold with regard to teacher recruitment and retention rates for the last 6 years. Devon County Council do not hold this information.  Teacher recruitment and retention statistics from May 2010 onwards … Continue reading

  • Social Workers Overseas Recruitment

    How many qualified Social Workers have been recruited internationally for the children and adults services for substantive posts within the past 2 years? 12 How many of these were EU and how many were non EU recruits? All 12 were … Continue reading

  • Contractual working off-payroll reforms

    In April 2017 Government introduced new rules into the public sector called the off-payroll reforms, commonly referred to as ‘IR35’:  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/off-payroll-working-in-the-public-sector-reform-of-intermediaries-legislation Please can you: 1. Tell us if you are familiar with these reforms ‘ yes or no? Yes 2.Send … Continue reading

  • Compulsory unpaid leave – xmas

    Would you please supply me with as much of the following information as possible: 1. Has the council introduced compulsory unpaid leave for local authority workers over the Christmas period? No, therefore we do not hold this information. 2. If … Continue reading

  • Senior staff organisational structure

    I would like to make a freedom of information request regarding your senior staff. Could you please supply details in the form of a spreadsheet or supply me with a link if the information is already published by yourselves. Where … Continue reading

  • Children’s social care recruitment

    Can you please advise the total expenditure in 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 – and 2018/19 year to date, on recruitment marketing, branding and attraction drives – such as your paid for campaigns with companies such as TMP, jobsgopublic, community care and … Continue reading