• School Crossing Patrol

    Please could you tell me, the number of School Crossing Patrol roles (known as lollipop men and women) in your local authority area. I would like the information for each of the following academic years: :: September 1, 2017 to … Continue reading

  • Social workers and sick leave

    This request concerns mental health issues faced by social work staff at your authority. 1) Please state the number of: a) Qualified social workers b) All social work staff at your authority who took long term sick leave, defined as … Continue reading

  • Devon County Council Pension fund

    I request access to and copies of alternative investment portfolio records specifically for close-ended private equity funds, debt funds, real estate funds, infrastructure funds, fund of funds, and hedge funds (“the Records”) / details on a fund by fund basis … Continue reading

  • Agency Staffing

    1) What is the value of spend on temporary staff from recruitment agencies by the Council in 2016 – 2017? Please ensure a gross spend value is detailed and include all spend associated to any contract let for the management/provision … Continue reading

  • National Agreement on Pay and Conditions

    REQUEST: 1 Section 10 – Sickness Scheme Section 10.3 I am only requesting information pertinent to the following clause, contained within Section 10.3 of ‘The Green Book’: ‘Authorities shall have discretion to extend the period of sick pay in exceptional … Continue reading

  • Apprenticeship scheme

    1. Total number of apprentices employed by you? • As at 30th September 2017 we have 49 employees undertaking apprenticeship qualifications (this includes 8 employed in Devon County Council Community and Voluntary Controlled schools – data held post Levy introduction … Continue reading

  • HR software

    What HR software system/s does the council currently use for following areas, please include Vendors name, Product name and version, include in-house / shared drives where applicable. None of the systems mentioned below are in house. Employee Records Oracle version … Continue reading