• Street works notices/opening notices

    I should be grateful if you would provide me with a copy of any street works notices/opening notices you have for ANY utility at the following location from to 23 March 2018 – 15 June 2018 at Hatchmoor Estate, Torrington, … Continue reading

  • Speed check data

    To receive full data provided by the speed check data collection undertaken taken on behalf of Devon County Council on Cotford Road, Sidbury on or about 16 to 24 April 2018 at site reference 7771. Additionally, to receive all associated … Continue reading

  • Magnolia Avenue, Exmouth

    I am writing to request information under the Freedom of Information Act relating to a road your authority is responsible for maintaining. Specifically, my query relates to Magnolia Avenue, Exmouth, Devon. Please can you send me: 1) A copy of … Continue reading

  • Nethercott Place, Heavitree – Ownership

    Request: Re: Nethercott place, Heavitree, EX1 2TT – Please refer to drawing here. “Is the greyed out area within the purple circle privately owned or public property please? And are there any special parking restrictions beyond requiring a residential parking … Continue reading

  • Northlew Village,Okehampton

    Please can you forward me a copy of the road maintenance inspection logs for Northlew Village, Okehampton? To include the whole of the single track lane from the cemetery to Palmers Norley Farm also a copy of your policy for … Continue reading

  • Flooding and spending on flooding

    This request concerns flooding and spending on flooding. 1. How many floods have been reported? i) 2014/15 – 7 incidents ii) 2015/16 – 17 incidents iii) 2016/17 – 19 incidents iv) 2017/18 to date – 13 incidents 2. How many … Continue reading

  • Public Rights of Way

    I would be grateful if you could provide me with answers to the questions outlined below. 1. How many miles of public rights of way are there in your local authority area? 3,108 miles 2. What is your budget, excluding … Continue reading