• Road Surface Dressing

    How much surface dressing did you do in 2017 in terms of square meters treated? The total area dressed in 2017 was 1,145,665 sq m Do you see the amount used increasing or decreasing over the next 3 years? [Awaiting … Continue reading

  • Maintenance Inspection Reports, Bittaford

    “Please send us a copy of your maintenance/inspection records and customer complaints relating to the Torpeek Crossing under the Railway, Bittaford” Please find links below to the maintenance/inspection and customer contact reports for the B3213 Torpeek Cross to Plymouth Road, … Continue reading

  • Speed cameras maintenance and costs

    Please can you let me know EXACTLY what the proposed average speed cameras on the new South Devon Highway have cost so far in meetings to discuss the issue, the expected “maintenance” costs of the cameras once installed and that … Continue reading

  • Bridge Maintenance

    1. How many road bridges are you responsible for maintaining?  2712 2. For the last financial year (2017/18) how many Principal Inspections have taken place?119 3. For the last financial year (2017/18) how many General Inspections have taken place?976 4. … Continue reading

  • Potholes and claims

    The number of potholes reported to the council  The total number of potholes within the local authority area is impossible to determine. Whilst we can provide the below figures, which represent the number of potholes picked up during routine safety … Continue reading

  • Blundell’s Road traffic Calming

    Please supply a copy of the design statement and all safety audits carried out on the traffic calming scheme in Blundells Road, Tiverton between Tidcombe Lane and Blundell’s Avenue.  Design statement and all safety audit for Blundells Road Traffic Calming

  • Parking Enforcement and Software

    1. What software do you use for Parking Enforcement (PCN issue and processing) and when does the current contract end? Chipside Case Manager.  The contract was renewed in April 2017 on a 3 year plus 1 year term. 2. What … Continue reading

  • Highway defects and maintenance

    Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 I seek the following information regarding your road maintenance policy. 1) Does your local authority use a risk based approach to the repair of highway defects such as potholes? Yes.  This is detailed in … Continue reading