• Con29 Enquiries

    RE: Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (The EIR) Pursuant to Regulation 5 (1) of the EIR, please treat this letter as a formal request for environmental information. Pursuant to Regulation 5 (1), the Council is obliged to make the information available … Continue reading

  • Penalty charge Notices, Lower Brook Street Teignmouth

    A request for the amount of motorist that were issued with a PCN at Lower Brook Street, Teignmouth since April 2014. The response from Devon County Council is available via the link below: https://devoncc.sharepoint.com/sites/PublicDocs/InfoMgt/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?docid=0782e2d129cbc44c8905acb7359910929&authkey=AU6bsiMNOodql0fjUETPEVY&e=emNRY4        

  • Body worn cameras

    Does anyone (staff or contractors) in your organisation use/wear body cameras or body worn video recording devices while performing their duties? Yes If yes, please detail: Who provides the body cameras and footage/evidence management used by your organisation? For parking … Continue reading

  • Section 38 highway adoption agreements

    Highways Act 1980 (as amended) Section 38 Please kindly provide a schedule of all section 38 highway adoption agreements entered into between the authority and developers from 1/1/14 to the present. The key details I am seeking are listed below. … Continue reading

  • CCTV Footage of Sandygate Roundabout

    Request: “We are investigating liabilitywith regards to a motor incident that occurred on 28th November 2017 and may have been captured on your CCTV. Date:                          28/11/17 Time:                         Approx 11:30 Location:                  Sandygate Roundabout, A379 junction with M5, Exeter, Please could you … Continue reading

  • Exeter CCTV Camera Locations

      Request: “I am studying the regeneration techniques in Exeter.  Please provide a map of the CCTV cameras in Exeter (specifically Princesshay and Guildhall) to allow me to evaluate these with crime statistics?”   Response: Please find below a list … Continue reading

  • Parking tickets in Exmouth 2016-2017

    I would like to receive information regarding parking tickets issued in the past year in Exmouth. In particular, I would like the following; – The numerical and financial amount of parking tickets issued to motorists in Exmouth in the past … Continue reading

  • CCTV Footage in Dawlish

    Request: “Do you have any CCTV footage of Brunswick Place, Dawlish, Devon for the date 02/07/ 2017 between 1500hrs and 1530 hrs for insurance purposes.”   Response: Devon County Council does not hold any CCTV footage of Dawlish.  We would … Continue reading