• Potholes 2017 – 2018

    Please could you provide me with the following information regarding potholes and road defects:  The total number of potholes within the local authority area is impossible to determine. Whilst we can provide the below figures, which represent the number of … Continue reading

  • Street works for Green Park Road, Exmouth

    We request the following information: Street works/opening notices for Green Park Road Exmouth EX8 4JT for around February/March 2018. BT has suffered damage to its underground cables at the above location and I am trying to find out who had … Continue reading

  • Parking fines – on street – Teignmouth

    1. I would like to know how much revenue Teignbridge council collected from parking fines in teignmouth in the 12months to end October 2018 Teignbridge District Council is responsible for the collection of parking fines within the off street car … Continue reading

  • Software Systems Contracts and Renewals

    “Please could you provide the following information regarding your current Software System: 1. What Software Systems are currently used by the Council for Planning, Building control and Public Protection/Licensing/Environmental Health and Local Land Charges? TRICS (Trip Rate Information Computer System) … Continue reading

  • Exeter High Street Defects

    “I have a follow up request from previous request regarding Exeter High Street Safety Inspections concerning the defects dated 3 April 2018 under reference D183326402 and 25 June 2018, reference D183356793.   In respect of each item, I request:-  a) The … Continue reading

  • Traffic Signals Barrack / Topsham Road

    Please provide the traffic signal sequence and timings and any diurnal variance for the traffic lights at the junction of Barrack Road and Topsham Road, Exeter.  The timing sequence of the traffic and variance in timings are;  The inter green … Continue reading

  • A38 Burlescombe

    This request is for Current Traffic Road Orders in the Burlescombe, Tiverton area. Specifically, weight restrictions on the local roads. Using google maps as many of our roads are un-named, I would request the following: Beginning at the A38 heading … Continue reading

  • Shaldon Bridge Piers Inspections

    “Please tell me what inspections were carried out on the areas where the wooden piles have been located on Shaldon Bridge between 1993 and the last inspection in 2012?”   Dates of the dive inspections that have been carried out … Continue reading

  • Footpath inspection – Exmouth

    Could you please forward me information regarding the inspection of the footpath in Douglas Avenue, including the footpath between Mayfield Drive and Cranford Avenue, which I understand took place on June 30th 2017. Please see our responses in relation to … Continue reading